Why InclusionMatters?

1 in 7 primary school children suffer a mental illness affecting their ability to learn, and 1 in 4 adolescents suffer from a mental health issue. Our students need to be taught the coping skills to remain resilient through the increasing pressures of their development.

Teachers are suffering and need support. They need coping skills and strategies to deal with the pressures of their work and their school community. They need to be taught the language and the strategies to manage mental health issues in their classrooms.

Parents are suffering and need support, information and resources. They need clear links and referral pathways for themselves and their children, as well as platforms to discuss these issues with other parents having the same difficulties. They need re-assurance that they are not alone, and knowledge that their school is supporting them and their children.

We are not clinicians, but we make the link between the health department and the education department. We understand the practical based tools required by teachers and parents to address the area of mental health and building cultures of inclusion.