We are a boutique consultancy that specialises in helping workplaces and schools build cultures of inclusion, through tackling the stigma and costs associated with poor mental health, low levels of resilience and instances of bullying, harassment and discrimination. Resilient, mentally healthy employees are happier and more productive. Resilient, mentally healthy students are happier, healthier and achieve greater learning outcomes.  Workplaces free from discrimination, harassment and bullying are happier, more productive and healthier. We are focused on helping people, organisations and children be the very best that they can be.


1 in 7 primary school children suffer a mental illness affecting their ability to learn. Many experience unprecedented challenges which makes it difficult, if not impossible, for them to reach their potential in school.

In schools, we work with teachers, students and parents/carers to provide them with the skills and tools they need to build their resilience and enable them to prepare the next generation meet the demands of our world as confident, optimistic, mentally healthy individuals.

We give a clear understanding of what mental health is, recognizing it in our lives, and learning the tools to deal with it. We do this through teaching, training and making good clear information available to as many people as possible.


We provide training programs to assist organizations to build cultures of inclusion. In particular we are experts in delivering training on building resilience, mental health awareness, bullying, harassment, discrimination, and diversity.

Resilience is the capacity to manage change as well as bounce back from loses, adversity and stress. In an increasingly challenging world, resilience skills are essential. Using the latest research, our expertise in mental health, and the lived experience, we teach individuals and teams the tools and strategies they need to become resilient. Resilient people, are happier, more productive, healthier, more effective and experience greater well being leading to more engaged and inclusive sustainable work place cultures.

We believe diversity training can be meaningful, relevant, engaging and fun – high levels of engagement generates a deeper understanding of why diversity is critical for everyone who works within an organisation.

What makes us Different

We are not clinicians, we are teachers, educators, facilitators, mental health and diversity experts.  We approach our work from the perspective of engaging and understanding our client’s individual and unique needs. We develop flexible/customised models with core units – reducing cost but delivering tailored solutions. Our tools are practical, easy to implement and promote dialogue and understanding. We provide all resources and ongoing support.

This Site

There are pages on this site to help you learn and understand mental health, inclusion and resilience. We post the most recent, relevant and useful information to make sure you can access what you need, when you need it, being confident that it is right. Please comment and become a member of our community – your community. We value your input and insights.

InclusionMatters Team